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AITWN leverages on the extensive involvement of its technical partners in International Business Innovation Association presently in 60 countries beside Africa. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to establishes global businesses for the sales of your products
  • Draw down expertise and best practices to strengthen your business processes
  • Enable your business improve product quality to meet market demands,
  • Entry into new market
  • Access to relevant technology to upscale your business.

Our markets cover countries in

  • Africa
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Middle East

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Why You Should Join Us

Other benefits include:

1. Access to our e-commerce platform where you can showcase and market and sell your products.

2. Opportunity to connect with business like minds across the globe, etc.

A membership fee is required to complete member registration.

Joint venture opportunity

We provide opportunities for joint venture with other women entrepreneurs and producers in global value chains.

World wide business connections

Connecting women around the globe to increase business activities for products and services for members through Workshops, seminars, conferences, trade missions.

Access international events

Members have the opportunity to receive training and support to attend national, regional and international trade fairs.

Access credit facilities

Access to cooperative society that provide credit facilities to members at fair and reasonable rates on interest for investment purpose.

Capacity building opportunities

Providing opportunities for capacity development, mentorship, training ,monitoring and supervision of empowered women.